Time to get fit

Everyone knows that regular exercise is the best way to lose weight, shape up and stay healthy. Bootcamp-Fitness is designed for everybody. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, if you exercise regularly or are just getting back into it, Bootcamp-Fitness will deliver an effective workout to suit your needs. Our goal is to create a fun and positive atmosphere, providing you with a programme that will keep you on your toes. The results are a leaner, stronger, more flexible, happier you! So whether you’re just trying to be healthier, improve your performance or shift a bit of weight, you're in the right place.


1. Friendship

Working out with others is more fun. Misery loves company, right?


2. Competition

Working out with others makes you work harder. Our 'boot campers' consistently burn more calories than the average JOE in the gym.


3. Metabolic Boost

The formats we use in class (high intensity intervals, full body movements, circuit training and metabolic training) stimulate your metabolism to make you a lean, mean, calorie burning machine!


4. Vitality

Everyone who attended our session comments on how much energy they have on days they attend Bootcamp-Fitness. Bootcamp is like an amazing cup of coffee (x5!!).


5. Enhance your favourite activities

If you run, cycle, ski, snowboard, swim or play in any team sport, you cannot believe how bootcamp impacts your favourite activities. Bootcamp is the perfect cross training activity. Get stronger, build endurance and rule your favourite sport/activity.



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