I live in the 21st century and I have no time to workout!!!!!

With so much distraction such as socialising, PlayStation, Xbox and the opposite sex these days people are finding less time to participate REAL physical exercise. You have days where you say to yourself “Right, I am going to wake up extra early to go for a workout before going to work” that’s totally fine, but when morning comes you feel too tired to go out. Like me if you work early, that means if you want to go before work, you have to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Who works out at that time? (I remembered doing this once and people were still coming back from their night out! It was a very surreal moment)

So what’s the next best solution, workout after work? This is great idea, you core temperature is at the right condition to push yourself that extra bit harder, so what’s the problem. After a strenuous day at work, you are tired and you have no motivation to have a workout, but the number 1 distraction is socialising.

So, what is the solution? By now you should have guessed that I am guiding you towards working out at lunch time. I know what you are thinking! I am going to hungry, I am going to be sweaty and gross, I am going to be tired, I have no time left to eat my lunch. Don’t worry, I am going to walk you through this.

  • It’s 10.30 or 11, you might already do this, you are probably eating a snack, this snack packs enough energy for you to do a workout at lunchtime.

  • If you workout with your colleges you are going to be sweaty and gross together so it shouldn’t matter, but if you are still a little bothered bring some wet wipes and deodorants. Running with your colleges can improve your career, it can be a team building exercise, increase creativity and concentration for up to two hours after the workout. But it also shows your boss that you are disciplined and good at organising your own time.

  • It’s lunchtime, what do you normally do? I see so many people take their lunch out of their bags, open internet explorer and surf the net! So what is the difference if you are eating your lunch whilst you are working? The answer, NOTHING!

  • No bosses want to see their employees sleeping on the job, unless you are lucky enough to be a bed tester! If you are tired, you either haven’t recovered enough from your previous training or you pushed too hard during the workout. During my lunchtime runs I generally set my heart rate between 60 to 70%, I am in my aerobic zone and not pushing too hard so I am totally knackered! (I leave that for later). Dehydration can also be the reason you have the afternoon slump.

So with a little snack, preparation and a heart rate monitor you should have no more excuses to not to workout at lunchtime.

By Alan Yan

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